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About School of Mathematics
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        The School of Mathematics of Yunnan Normal University traces back to the Department of Mathematics of NSAU (National Southwest Associated University) which was established in 1938 during the Anti-Japanese War. Renowned mathematician and educationist, Professor Zhu Dexiang, and well-known mathematician, Professor Liu Shenglie made great contributions for the later solid development of the entire school, based on which excellent tradition was inherited and maintained. It has initiated the M.S. program in mathematics since 1978. In 1999, the Department of Mathematics was renamed as the School of Mathematics.          
        At present, the school has an enrollment of around 1700 undergraduate/graduate students. It has 7 administrative staff members and 63 faculty members (over 52% of whom own doctoral degrees), including 13 professors, 21 associate professors, among whom 3 are doctoral supervisors and 20 are Master’s thesis supervisors. Its total area for teaching, research and administration reaches up to 6000 square meters.
        The School of Mathematics currently has 2 provincial key undergraduate majors: “Mathematics and Applied Mathematics” (a key provincial construction major) and “Statistics”. “Mathematics” is projected in the “Twelfth Five-Year” provincial plan to be cultivated as a first-level discipline with doctorate authorization. In recent years, its faculty members have received 38 NSFC projects (20 of which are now in progress) and 28 provincial/ministerial projects including the “Chunhui plan” project from the ministry of education. For academic research, it has a total of 279 papers published both domestic and overseas in recent five years, including 111 of which published on “SCI” journals. Besides, there are 3 provincial S&T awards, as well as 2 academic treatises and 9 textbooks/teaching references published by the Science Press.
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        With respect to teaching, the School of Mathematics held 3 provincial fine-designed courses, compiled 1 Yunnan provincial planned textbook and received 1 Yunnan provincial teaching achievement prize. “Advanced Geometry” was recommended by the university to apply for the “National Twelfth Five-Year Plan” program. “Probability and Statistics Experiments” was selected as Yunnan provincial “Twelfth Five-Year Plan” textbook. Several other textbooks (such as Mathematical Modeling, Advanced mathematics, etc.) were admitted to the Science Press’s “Twelfth Five-Year Plan” textbook publication project, i.e. Yunnan provincial mathematical textbook constructional project.
        In recent five years, the School of Mathematics has invited more than 100 distinguished scholars and experts who are renowned worldwide to give lectures and short-term courses for undergraduates and faculty members. It has also hosted large-scale mathematical academic conferences a total of 6 times, such as “Differential Geometry International Symposium”, “Partial Differential Equation” meetings, “International Conference in Complex Dynamical Systems and Teichmuller Space” etc. Many world-class prestigious scholars are invited to visit the school multiple times, such as well-known German mathematician U. Simon, 6 members of CAS (Chinese Academy of Sciences) including Guo Boling, Yan Jia’an etc., Liu Jiaquan from Peking University, Wu Xizhi from Renmin University of China, Xin Zhouping from Chinese University of Hong Kong etc.  
        The School of Mathematics has also made remarkable achievements in CUMCM (Contemporary Undergraduate Mathematical Contest in Modeling) in the past few years. It has maintained top 6 among similar universities since the first contest. National first and second prizes are awarded to various teams of the school annually. In particular, there were 2 national first prize winners and 7 national second prize winners in 2014.

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